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First EXTOD buddies day

First EXTOD buddies day

Thursday 17 October, 2019 9am
Raddison blue hotel in Glasgow, UK

Seven people with Type 1 diabetes who had agreed to help with recruitment of buddies in their chosen sport (Advocates) and two representatives from JDRF UK attended the day.

On this day we gave a brief background and outlined our vision for EXTOD buddies, provided some up to date training on how to manage glucose around exercise and discussed the governance and expectations of the programme. We ended the day by agreeing our next steps.

If you would like to learn more about EXTOD buddies click here

We would like to thank the people with Type 1 diabetes who attend the day and the two representatives from JDRF UK.

We would also like to thank the following people for helping out on the day

  • Dr. Ian W Gallen
  • Dr. Alistair Lumb
  • Mrs. Catherine Thompson
  • Dr Parth Narendran
  • Prof Rob Andrews

Special thanks also goes to Laura Courtenay-Stamp who organised the day.