EXTOD Exercise for Type 1 Diabetes

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Diabetes Professional Care conference 2019

Diabetes Professional Care conference 2019

Wednesday 30 October, 2019 3am
Olympia, London, UK

This session explored how healthcare professional can support adult patients with Type 1 diabetes to exercise. It started by exploring aspects relating to safe starting glucose values and glucose values that are a contraindication to exercise. It then went on to discuss the effect of different exercises on glucose values and how these can be managed. Three strategies that can be used to manage glucose values: adjusting insulin dose, taking extra carbohydrates, and changing exercise intensities were also discussed. The talk also talked about how to manage glucose in the 24-48 hours that follow exercise – a period that patients find very challenging.

Learning outcomes were:

  • Basic physiology underlying the effects of exercise on glucose
  • Safety aspects relating to exercise in Type 1 diabetes
  • How to adjust insulin dose, carbohydrates, and exercise intensity for safe and effective exercise

To download the talk see our download section.